Our History

Originally built in 1906 as a hunting lodge, Tiger House has a fabled and sordid past.  The original proprietor, Morgan Jones, was heir to a soap fortune and drew inspiration for the Dutch Jacobian facade from his travels in Europe.  His wife, nicknamed "The Belle of Honolulu", was a passionate suffragist and marched on Albany in 1912 after a brief stop in Hudson for a Christmas fashion show.  All the drawings for the house and grounds, as well as architect Marcus Reynolds' journals and records from the period he was working on the house, are preserved in theAlbany Institute of History & Art. 

The Jones' only lived at 317 Allen for a short time.  In 1915 he reported to his colleagues that he was "busy trying to make Hudson, N.Y., a modern town."  The next year, he gave that up and moved to New York City.  After their departure, the mansion was used as a brothel, senior home, and Bed & Breakfast.  It's a small wonder that the intricate carvings, original Tiffany stained glass windows, and elaborate woodwork are still intact after so much varied use.  

317 ALLEN STREET, HUDSON, NY 12534 | 518-828-1321